At Abrams Turner Whelan we understand that the breakdown of a family relationship is difficult for all involved. It can also be very confusing working out where to start and how to solve all the issues with which you are faced.

One of the services we provide at ATW that can help ease some of these difficulties is an alternative dispute resolution process known as Mediation.

Mediation involves you and your partner meeting with a mediator who is a neutral third party trained in dispute resolution and who assists you in reaching agreement about any relevant issues – parenting, property or financial. The benefits of mediation can be summarised as follows:-

• Mediators are neutral and do not take sides;
• Mediators assist you and your partner to reach a joint, negotiated agreement rather than having an outcome imposed on you by a judge;
• Mediation avoids much of the stress associated with Court proceedings;
• Mediation can be arranged and concluded much faster than Court proceedings;
• Mediation is significantly cheaper than Court proceedings;
• Mediation enables you and your partner to reach an agreement together thereby increasing the possibility of an ongoing positive relationship for you and your children into the future.

At ATW we have four trained mediators:-

• Jane Saltoon
• Sue Abrams
• Gai Gathercole
• Alex Namisnyk

The cost of mediation varies depending on the mediators appointed, the nature of the dispute, the length of the mediation and the amount of work required before and/or after the mediation.

If you are interested in appointing one of our Mediators to help you resolve your family law matter or if you would like further information please call us on (02) 9261 3122. Alternatively, you can print the Mediation Enquiry Form below and email or fax it to us and we will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours.